Minimal Contact Concept (MCC)

NTOC developed the Minimal Contact Concept (MCC) for the fixation of medical equipment and accessories. This form of fixation follows the contours of the instrument to be held in place with a minimum number of clamping points. When correctly used, this method ensures maximum accessibility during the cleaning process. In addition, MCC offers the highest possible protection using the minimum amount of added material.

MCC is a design philosophy that seeks out the optimal balance between ease of cleaning, sterilisation, transport (inside the care institution) and ease of use for the different departments that are involved with the sets of instruments. In addition, we strive for the optimum spatial layout with respect to the client’s requirements and the applicable laws and regulations.

The design of medical equipment changes with market demand and requirements prescribed by law. We meticulously follow these trends. The manner in which MCC is used, helps us to do this. We believe that the designs that arise out of these trends are only achievable by having the manufacturing process in our own control and by using state of the art machinery in order to continuously control the required quality and lead times.

We warmly invite you to visit us and discover what our philosophy will mean for your products.