About NTOC

After gaining more than 15 years of sales experience in the orthopaedics field, Aad van Delzen and his wife Liesbeth started this company in 1995. They saw the potential in storing medical instruments in a more convenient manner. Specifically, they looked at how to organise the instruments with a clear overview and optimal possibilities for washing and sterilisation. Nowadays, their children and their partners are in key positions within the company thanks to their specific qualities and education.

The “best solution” approach has become part of the DNA of the company and has been developed to perfection. Our years of experience in the medical industry make NTOC your ideal partner. We have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience. Our goal is to translate your need into a final product and we put our heart and soul into the project to achieve this!
NTOC has a modern, extensively equipped manufacturing and fixation department, and our company employs qualified and motivated employees. We combine advanced production technology with years of workmanship. This means that we can manage the entire process and carry out a wide variety of tasks within a relatively short lead time.

We take an honest, no-nonsense approach to everything we do and we exert ourselves to the utmost in our work. We do this not only because we believe it is important for our clients; it is our passion for our profession that makes us eager to put in that little bit extra and to keep going until we find that one perfect solution. It is natural for us to be modest when we work because we really believe our approach is simply part of the deal. It is no wonder that many of our ideas have become so well accepted in the field that they have become commonplace. In fact, our products have become a standard that other companies strive to achieve. This is something we can be quite proud of!

We have retained our own “personality”. Anyone visiting our company will discover an open culture and extremely collaborative atmosphere. Some people even describe the organisation as “one big family”.